Spaceflux and Valar Strategic Partnership Agreement


Spaceflux / Valar press release

London - Madrid 23/10/2023

In a move which aims to provide satellite operators with advanced, end-to-end solutions for orbit management and navigation safety, Spaceflux and Valar entered into a commercial partnership leveraging the synergy of their services.  

This partnership combines the expertise of Spaceflux in providing the highest-quality optical tracking data from its state-of-the-art, global telescope network with Valar’s analytics and flight dynamics services.

The collaboration traces back to Valar's key role of managing the pioneering GS-1 launch by Gravity Space—the first commercial cubesat in geostationary orbit. Valar tapped into Spaceflux's unique optical telescope network, setting a new standard for end-to-end Flight Dynamics solutions. Notably, the precision with which Spaceflux could track the GS-1, one of the faintest satellites in GEO, highlights its exceptional tracking capabilities.  

Izan Peris, co-founder at Valar, shares his enthusiasm: "This partnership amplifies our capabilities. Spaceflux provides accurate and timely SST data, and Valar's analytics and orbit management expertise turns that data into actionable insights for our clients."

Mark Thompson, CEO of Gravity Space, adds, "Valar’s innovative service has not just enhanced our operational capabilities, but significantly reduced our costs by enabling advanced tracking through telescopes."

The collaboration between Spaceflux and Valar looks very promising in the long-term, as their services complement each other and create a high value proposition for satellite operators. 

Marco Rocchetto, CEO at Spaceflux, adds: “This strategic partnership demonstrates our capabilities and shows what can be achieved by two innovative startup companies in the field of space safety and navigation. It only confirms that there is growing demand for such services and together with Valar we are at the forefront of this expanding market.” 

Spaceflux is continuing to expand its sensor network and to develop its software products and Valar intends to integrate these advancements to further enrich its services, meeting the rising demand in both GEO and LEO markets. In sealing this partnership, both Spaceflux and Valar have strengthened their commitment to pushing boundaries and working together to define the next era of space operations and safety.

About Spaceflux:

Spaceflux is a pioneering UK-based company established in 2022, specialising in space safety and space traffic management. Utilising AI-driven data analytics and a proprietary optical sensor network, Spaceflux tracks satellites and small space debris. With the largest optical sensors in the industry, unanticipated space risks across all orbital areas are identified, providing distinctive insights for space safety solutions. Key achievements include graduating the Creative Destruction Lab startup accelerator program, securing over EUR 200k in grants from the European Commission and ESA, and contracting with the UK MoD, among other government and commercial entities. Currently, Spaceflux boasts a sensor network spanning 10 global locations, with a vision to expand to 25 by 2025 for comprehensive LEO object coverage. Driven by advanced technology and machine learning, Spaceflux is on a mission to revolutionise space safety and traffic management.

About Valar:

Valar is a limited liability company headquartered at the Business Incubation Center of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Madrid, Spain. The company offers managed flight dynamics services to satellite operators across different orbital regimes. It was cofounded in early 2021 by Alejandro López, Izan Peris, and Roger Martín with the vision to provide managed mission operation services to satellite owners, closing the gap between launch and satellite manufacturing to accelerate the growth of newspace ventures.

Despite its short age, the company is currently a trusted supplier of flight dynamics services to satellite owners, predominantly in the geostationary orbital regime. Valar’s in-house software suite and experts allow companies to operate and maneuver their spacecraft safely, without the investment into expensive licenses and training for operating staff.

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