Spaceflux joins forces with Telescope Live for Enhanced Global Coverage and Precision in SSA


Spaceflux is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Telescope Live, a company renowned for delivering highest quality astronomical data to research institutions and for its top-tier astrophotography and imaging services.

This collaborative alliance enables Spaceflux to access all of Telescope Live's telescopes to track and monitor spacecraft and space debris on a global scale. As a result, Spaceflux will blend Telescope Live's high-quality research-grade data with our innovative machine learning capabilities, significantly enriching our SSA data services. 

"By combining resources, we can amplify our collective capabilities, enhance our coverage and provide unrivalled accuracy in our field," said Marco Rocchetto, CEO and Founder of both Spaceflux and Telescope Live. "This collaboration get us closer to our mission to advance space situational awareness and promote safety in a rapidly exploding space industry," added Rocchetto.

The partnership leverages several core synergies, including sharing knowledge in managing automated robotic telescopes globally and a wealth of experience in installing sensors worldwide. Plus, it taps into Telescope Live's substantial global partnership network of observatories and astronomy institutions, providing a springboard for Spaceflux's future expansion.

With more satellites and debris entering our orbit every day, SSA has become an urgent global priority. Spaceflux, with its rapid expansion, is at the forefront of addressing these challenges. The partnership promises to offer a superior level of accuracy and predictability in tracking and collision avoidance – indispensable for protecting assets and operations in orbit.  

"Drawing upon the capabilities of both companies, we're striving to safeguard space exploration for future generations," stated Rocchetto. "It's a vital mission that requires commitment and innovative solutions."

We see collaboration as key to tackle this global and incredibly complex issue and we hope that this partnership is the first of many to come.