Meet Spaceflux’s Founders


Behind every successful venture lies a blend of complementary skills, shared vision, and enduring relationships. At the heart of Spaceflux, there is a trio of co-founders whose combination of technical expertise, entrepreneurial acumen, and long-lasting friendship promises an exciting future for the company.

Dr. Marco Rocchetto, CEO

Dr. Marco Rocchetto, the CEO of Spaceflux, hails from the historic city of Venice, Italy. His desire to explore new worlds and embark on new adventures led him to University College London (UCL) where he undertook the study of Astrophysics. His PhD focussed on extrasolar planetary atmospheres and was guided by Prof Giovanna Tinetti, who is now the lead of the ESA space mission Ariel, and by Dr Ingo Waldmann. During his time at UCL, Marco co-authored the work that led to the discovery of the first atmosphere around a super-Earth.

Marco's transition into the corporate world took place at Konica Minolta Inc., where he served as technology manager of a team of engineers working on cloud robotics technologies. It was here that he worked on a pivotal project - a robotic telescope network - the concept of which served as the foundation for Telescope Live, a UK company founded by Marco in 2019. Rapidly emerging as the market leader, Telescope Live provides researchers and amateur astronomers with data from a global network of telescopes. Building upon this success, Marco recognized the growing need for real-time tracking of satellites and space debris, which led to the inception of Spaceflux in April 2022.

Marcel Debczynski, COO

Marcel Debczynski, Spaceflux’s COO, embarked on his international journey at the age of 16, moving from Poznan, Poland, to Cambridge (UK), and eventually to London for his law studies at the University of Westminster. It was during this time that he met Marco and the two have developed a deep friendship while sharing a flat for two years. 

Marcel holds degrees in Commercial Law and Strategic Management, and has a diverse portfolio of experience across law and business development. One of his biggest achievements is co-founding Yobi, a home services platform that Marcel had sold to the Norwegian conglomerate Orkla in 2019.

At Spaceflux, Marcel leads business development, operations, and sensor network expansion, bringing his rich business experience to the forefront of the company.

Prof. Ingo Waldmann, Chief Scientist

Completing the trio is Prof. Ingo Waldmann, the Chief Scientist at Spaceflux. Born in Munich, Germany, Ingo relocated to Spain at the age of 14, where he finished his high-school. He then went to University College London (UCL), where he completed his PhD in 2012 and now serves as a Professor in Astrophysics.

Ingo's work centers around the application of machine learning in exoplanet and solar system sciences. As the AI lead of the European Space Agency (ESA) Ariel Space Mission and the Deputy Director of the UCL Centre for Space Exochemistry Data (CSED) he has developed AI techniques directly applicable to Spaceflux. 

Ingo has been recognized for his contributions with the Royal Astronomical Society Fowler Award and a Turing Fellowship at The Alan Turing Institute. His role at Spaceflux builds on his experience working in AI applications across space industries.

This trio, united by their 15-year friendship and collaborative work at UCL brings to Spaceflux a rare blend of trust, business savviness, and robust academic prowess. Together, they are driving the growth and development of Spaceflux, poised to make significant strides in their field.